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Centralized vacuum systems

Image: order, design and innovation, a choice that conquers and attracts customers.
Quietness: the central vacuum unit installed in a separate room makes the pitch extremely quiet. The customer will immediately notice the difference from traditional vacuum cleaners, generating a sense of well-being which contributes to their loyalty. Ideal in residential areas and where it is necessary to reduce the acoustic impact.
Health and cleanliness: the filtration system installed remotely from the pitch ensures that the dust sucked up is not spread into the environment or breathed in by the user. Furthermore, the tubes that drop from above guarantee ease of use and no more tubes on the ground, broken, dirty and ruined.
Reduced size: unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, the control columns have a small size and do not necessarily have to be installed in the center of the pitch, this translates into greater convenience for customers and allows them to obtain additional space on the forecourt, which can thus be used to offer more extraction points or further services.
Easy dirt management: a single container for the vacuumed dirt makes the collection and disposal operation simple and quick.
Automatic filter cleaning: Our exclusive system automatically cleans the filter every time a customer vacuums his car, drastically reducing maintenance. Cleaning of the filter by the operator must be carried out every 6 months.
Energy saving: thanks to the sequential start-up of the turbines depending on the stations used at the same time, considerable energy savings are achieved both in terms of absorption and installed power. All things considered, the annual economic saving is on average 60%. Furthermore, lower electricity consumption corresponds to lower environmental impact!
Each system is unique because it has been specifically designed based on the characteristics and needs of each car wash.


Side channel suction turbines scaled according to the installation.

Cartridge filter system

Cartridge filter system, with automatic reverse pressure cleaning.

Connection network

Made with high-resistance AISI 304 stainless steel pipe, 20 and 30 tenths thick. Excellent quality with guaranteed durability, easy to assemble and inspect.

Sturdy and stylish control columns

Robust and designer self-service control columns, made of AISI 304 stainless steel, which can be equipped with payment systems additional to the coin mechanism such as cards, health cards or fingerprints, as well as optional services such as compressed air, perfume etc.

Electrical panel with PLC and inverter

for modulating the power of the turbines which guarantees constant and unchanged suction regardless of the distance or number of stations used simultaneously.
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